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Who We Are

Our objective is to make legal services more accessible to a wide cross-section of clientele. We further endeavor to provide guidance to the general public in legal affairs. The firm is well-versed in representing individuals and companies in all aspects of the law. The fee structure of the company is far more competitive than many larger firms. We endeavor to provide friendly and professional staff that is available to effectively undertake a variety of standard tasks as well as provide emergency assistance. If you are looking for best Lawyers in Jamaica so feel free to contact us.

Gillian Mullings

    Ms. Mullings has practiced in the Commercial Law, Civil Litigation and Conveyancing arena of law for nineteen (19) years. She has planned and completed land subdivisions/developments in the Kingston and St. Andrew area and in the resort areas of Jamaica. She has worked on many civil litigation matters in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal and has also appeared before the Privy Council. Ms. Mullings is currently the Partner in charge of the Litigation, Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Family departments of the firm.


    Michelle Naylor

    Mrs. Naylor has thirty (30) years of experience in corporate law, conveyancing and commercial law and has a specialized practice in Conveyancing including the conduct of auction and private treaty sales for commercial banks. Mrs. Naylor is currently the principal Partner in charge of the conveyancing, estate and commercial area of the firm.

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