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Lawyer slams treatment of Jamaicans in Turks after teacher returns

The Jamaican teacher who was accused of child abuse in Turks and Caicos Islands returned to Jamaica yesterday after she was deported.

But Gillian Mullings, the attorney for the accused, Suzette Codling, is criticising how immigrants are treated on the small Caribbean island.

The practice, Mullings revealed, is that if immigrants are poorly treated by employers and report it, they are deported to their homeland without the matter being heard by a tribunal.

"It seems to me anybody can bring a worker here, tell them certain things and do what they want to do with them. I understand that this is commonplace among the Haitian community, and that they have a really hard time here because you can get rid of the suit by calling immigration. I mean, we even have cases of immigration taking away people and raping them in the detention centre and getting away with it," the attorney told the Jamaica Observer.

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