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Although litigation is generally a last resource, it is also often a necessary safeguard to protect our clients’ rights. As a pro-active firm, a comprehensive strategy meeting between the client and the firm first explores options, alternatives, and possible outcomes, always mindful of achieving the best, most cost-effective outcome. We actively involve the client in all steps of the process, which ensures that you are kept up to date of all developments in the case. The results of hearings are usually communicated to the client immediately after leaving the courtroom. Cases where clients most frequently call on us for assistance in this area include suits over breaches of contract, insurance matters, personal injuries, landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions, foreclosures, real property disputes and collection matters.


When your loved one passes, life can become chaotic overnight with no straightforward answers. We provide a step by step guide as to how to efficiently deal with assets of your deceased loved ones. Our probate scope of work includes  : 


a) Contacting the bankers/insurers of deceased persons for burial funds.

b) Stopping persons from carrying out raids on the deceased's home.

c)  We will do the Administration and probate for the deceased estate.

d) We will help you to sort out the taxes and duties relating to the deceased estate.

e) We will assist in the transfer of property to the persons who are entitled to them.

f) Filing suit against persons who owe money to the estates.

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Purchasing and selling Real Estate can be fraught with minefields. A wise man said “We must all exercise caution in our business affairs for the world is full of trickery”. We make your real estate dreams real. We make efficient and thorough checks at every stage of real estate transactions saving you from the expense and strategies of unscrupulous persons. We fight for the best prices and move advantageous terms for your purchase and sale. Ensuring that you come out the winner every single time!


The firm furnishes general business representation to small and medium-size companies including expediting the formation of corporations and related matters, drafting and negotiating employment and non-competition agreements, purchases and sales of business assets, and stock and shareholder agreements. We also draft contracts for services and supplies provided by our clients as well as review and negotiate contracts for our clients in the purchase of services and products. When a client encounters a transaction with tax implications, we have well-established relationships with tax attorneys who work with us in developing the best overall strategies for the situation.

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Over the past fifteen years, a growing trend has developed to provide alternatives to litigation. This is nowhere more prevalent than in the supreme court, where courts realize that providing effective and efficient alternatives to a trial not only saves the parties money but also helps the parties chart their own destiny and develop a settlement that satisfies both sides.


The firm recognizes that Jamaica has a fairly large population of self-employed persons often called the “informal commercial sector” consisting of persons engaged in activities such as food vending, taxi operation, barbers/hairdressers, mechanics, tradesmen. Our firm has a growing clientele from this sector and we provide the service of assisting them through our accounting staff to become taxpayers so that they can access a benefit from the NHT to provide shelter for their families. We work closely with licensed realtors who target modestly priced homes (under five (5) million dollars) for sale to assist our Clients with finding affordable homes. We also introduce realtors to our professional Clientele such as teachers, police officers, nurses, public sector workers and use our accounting services to assist them in budgeting and planning so that they can access loans from NHT and a combined lender.

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